The office of the Dean Student welfare strives for the development and welfare of University’s students ever since it was established. Every year we endeavour to bring in new efforts and deeds for student’s upliftment. The office provides abundant openings and facilities for the overall development of personality and leadership skills among the students. In addition, promotes the effective participation of students in the management of hostels, food services, games & sports, cultural and literary activities etc. under the guidance of the Disciplinary committees are untiringly caught up in maintaining the serene environment at the campus as well as at the hostels, under the proficient supervision of Proctor, Provost, chief Warden and Wardens.

Smart classes equipped with smart projectors have long been started. Whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled with open access for students to stay connected and updated. A high-quality infra-structure including a 200 seated University auditorium, several mini auditoriums, University central hall all equipped with projectors and audio- visual aids are available for the organization of various debates, Elocutions, Arts and Crafts, Music, Folk songs and Drama events besides other personality development professional competitions and contests. Various professional societies are devoted for the advancement of the professional skills of the students. The members of the societies are responsible for organizing the activities under the guidance of coordinators nominated by the Dean.

A number of efforts have been initialized in order to push our students above the mark and make them employable which include various courses and programme modules for language and competitive aptitude enhancement, frequent arrangement of mock exams for NET, GATE and NATA etc.

The University has a nationalized bank (PNB), a post office, and several cafeterias in the campus to facilitate the students. A well equipped hospital with state of the art facilities along with blood bank and medical store is established with in the campus with an ambulance ready to serve 24 hours.