Out Patient Services :
1. Medical
2. Surgical
3. Orthopedic
4. Obstetrics & Gynecology
5. Ophthalmology
6. ENT
7. Pediatric

Indoor Wards:
1. Medical: 120
2. Surgical: 120
3. Pediatric: 60
4. Orthopedic: 60
5. Obstetrics & Gynecology: 60
6. Ophthalmology: 10
7. ENT: 10

8. T.B. & Chest: 10

9. Psychiatry: 10

10. Dermatology: 10
Other Services:
1. Intensive Care Unit
2. Emergency/ Casualty medical services

Operation Theatre:
There are total 9 (nine) operation theatres. The operation theatres are well equipped and are for surgical, Orthopedics, ENT/ OPH/ Obst cases. Besides, there a minor OT and Labour Room.

Support Services:
The hospital has its own-
1. Central Kitchen
2. Central Laundry
3. Central Sterilization Unit

Diagnosis Services:
The hospital has its own diagnostic services which consists of Pathology, Microbiology and Radiological facilities comprising of CT Scan Machine, 300mm X-ray, 500mm X-ray, 800mm X-Ray and Portable X-ray Machines besides four Ultrasound(USG) Machines.

The Institute has got a team of dedicated specialists in various departments who are committed for patients care and improving medical education. This is supported by necessary nursing and other para-medical staff.

Hospital Clinical Material:
Hospital Clinical Material