New Session

04 Dec, 2018 |Facebook |Twitter |Email |

New Session Begins

University life can be liberating with one semester down, one to go! It’s a huge accomplishment, be proud of yourselves, register for the new semester and enjoy the winter session!

Integral follow the Semester based Academic Program each year, beginning with the odd session, while ends with an Even. The Month of December is an occupied month for the students as they write their End Semester exams, for the faculty, examiners and the staff, as they get engrossed in the evaluation of answer sheets and declaration of end semester results and the management setting the team ready for new term registrations.
The new session begins by registering the students to the next (even) semester. After giving their best in the End semester exams and gauging results, Integralites look ahead to enjoy their winter break after commencing classes for just a few weeks for the next semester.