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Orientation exuberance at the Integral Campus

Integral Campus cordially welcomed their newest scholars and family members, into Integral University Lucknow by organizing a successful orientation program. The 3-day event witnessed full house participation from the students and their parents. The first phase of the orientation addressed the new entrants from Architecture, Commerce & Management, Computer Applications, Education, Engineering, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Law.

Integral began this year’s academic session with the first league of orientation and quality academic counseling to help students and their families embark on this new journey.

The event charted the academic course, helped students meet up with fellow students and administration, discover mentors and caring advisors, begin to explore the true passions to lead the best time of your life.

The welcome address was given by Professor Khalid Monowar Khalid, Dean Student Welfare, who extended his co-operation and briefly mentioned about the infrastructure and various amenities in the University available to the students and the focus on academic excellence.

Making students comfortable and acquainted with the University, the honorable Chancellor Prof. Waseem Akhtar blessed the students with a bright future and a memorable time during their University stay. He expressed his happiness and congratulated the undergraduate scholars who have performed well in their school exams and have achieved their seat at Integral. Prof. Akhtar stressed the importance of small yet consistent efforts that always yields into success stories. “Integral stands amiable and united and is proud nurturing students from all parts of India and abroad with utmost care in a holistic and disciplined way”, conveyed Prof. Akhtar, amidst the admiration from the packed audience in the hall.

Prof. Aqil Ahmad, Vice Chancellor (acting) Integral, in his welcome speech to the parents and students, communicated the importance of hard work, concentration, and discipline in a student’s life.

Prof. Tahseen Usmani, Proctor, Integral, embraced the audience with the assurance of warmth and considerate administration but with a No-tolerance policy over any foul or unlawful activities in the campus. He confirmed that the Integral Campus is strictly a Ragging Free University where seniors and faculties share a great bond and will lend help always. “Attendance and academic excellence will make life much easier”, explained the proctor. “Some with their sheer dedication lands best jobs and achieve the highest positions in their career while others often look at them and sulk, if only they had not wasted their time in the University, So now is the time to react, work hard and prove your worth”, motivated Prof. Usmani and stressed on the importance of time, attendance and attentiveness in the class.

Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Director, Planning & Research, Integral extended his warmth and support to the newcomers and emphasized the significance of a goal in a student’s life. He elucidated that having an aim right from the first year in University will not only make the study years productive and worth but it would also satisfyingly end the course of study with the target, that one was wishing to achieve.

Shri. Alok Ranjan, IAS, the guest speaker for the event, motivated the newcomers with his zestful tone and interaction. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” quoting Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, he gleefully said that not just Shahrukh Khan in a movie but each one present in the audience should believe in it and work towards their passion. He also stressed the role of “Attitude” in success and said that Positivity and confidence backed up by good education is the key to a fulfilling future.

The Second Session of the Orientation program was organized for the Faculty of Agriculture, Health & Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Science and courses run by the Bioengineering Dept.

Prof. Alok Dhawan, Director, CSIR-IITR Lko, and Shri. Soraj Singh, Director-Agriculture, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh guided and inspired the new scholars to shape up their University years in the best ways possible.

Prof.Basheer Ahmad Khan, Advisor to the Chancellor reinforced the messages by all the dignitaries and in his closing remarks to the orientation ceremony congratulated the Integralites on their new embarked journey.

Orientation Days at Integral is an opportunity to navigate the campus and academic resources. This year the 3- day interactive Fun session with the budding Integralites has once again created a home-away-from-home, throughout their University life.

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