Anti-Ragging Committee

Last Updated On : 03/08/2016

1 Pro Vice Chancellor Chairperson
2 All Deans Member
3 Head of Departments Member
4 Proctor Member
5 Warden of concern Hostel Member
6 Provost (Hostels) Member

Anti-Ragging Flying Squad

Under the Integral University Lucknow regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in the University, anti- ragging flying squad is hereby constituted of the following members:-

Squad 1:- (Pharmacy Block)

Squad 2:- (Academic Block I & Parking)

1. Mr. Khursheed (EE)

2.Mr. Mohd Shadab Khan ( Mechanical Engg.)

3. Dr. Salman Akhtar (Bio Engg.)

4. Mr. Ahmad Faiz Minai (EN)

Squad 3:- (Academic Block I & Parking)

Squad 4:- (Academic Block III & Canteen)

Squad 5:- (Academic Block III & Canteen)

Squad 6:- (Academic Block IV)

Squad 7:- (Academic Block IV)

Squad 8:- (Academic Block II)

Counselling Committee: