Integral University

Anti-Ragging Committee: Session 2017-18

Last Updated On : 07/11/2017

S.No Name Designation Status
1 Prof. Jamal Mohd. Arif Pro Vice Chancellor Chairperson
2 Prof M.A Khalid Dean, Students’ Welfare Member
3 Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar Dean, Faculty of Engineering Member
4 Prof. Abdul Rehman Khan Dean, Faculty of Sciences & Head Dept of Chemistry Member
5 Prof. Neelam Pathak Proctor & Head Dept of Bioscience Member
6 Dr. Syed Misbahual Hasan Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy Member
7 Professor Ataullah Khan Head, Department of Nursing Member
8 Prof. A. K. Saxena Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management Member
9 Dr. Mohd. Haris Siddiqui Director IIAST & Head, Dept. of Bio Engineering Member
10 Dr Khawja Moeed Principal Polytechnic Member
11 Prof. V.S. Chandel Provost/Head Dept. of Physics Member
12 Dr. Syed Aqeel Ahmad Head, Dept. of Civil Engineering Member
13 Dr. Md. Faizan Farooqui Head, Dept of Computer Application Member
14 Dr. Aqeela Khanam Head, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering Member
15 Prof. Syed Hasan Saeed Head, Dept. of Electronics & Comm. Engineering Member
16 Dr. P. K. Bharti Head, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Member
17 Dr. Adnan Khan Lodi Head, Dept. of Education Member
18 Dr. Naseem Ahmed Jafri Head, Dept. of Law Member
19 Dr. Mohammad Zafar Dy. Proctor Member
20 Dr. Hayatul Islam Chief Hostel Warden Member

Anti-Ragging Flying Squad