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Welcome to Department of Languages

Dr H. M. Arif Nadvi

Junior Associate Professor -HOD

The Department of Languages has been a part and parcel of Integral University from its very inception. Its twin foci are Professional Communication and English Language, Grammar and Soft Skills as also ESP. The Department of Languages offers degrees at PhD, MA level (MA in English) as well as Certificate and Diploma Courses in German, French, Arabic and Persian. In the footsteps of liberalization, privatization and globalization, as also because of massive expansion in various fields after the World War II such as Science, Technology, Commerce, International Relations, etc., Professional Communication and a new field of enquiry, i.e. English for Specific Purposes, emerged as dominant domains. The domains include, among others, Technical Communication, Scientific Communication, Legal Communication, Business Communication, Medical Communication and Inter-Cultural Communication. The key component of the various types of professional communication is basically communication in the English language which is now a global language. The department of Languages caters to the needs of the students aspiring for training, expertise and excellence in professional communication with a marked emphasis on English for Specific/Special Purposes (ESP).

Currently the Department is headed by Dr. Hafiz Mohd Arif Nadvi,he may be reached at