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Welcome to Department of Physics

Dr. Seema Srivastava

Associate Professor - HOD

The Department of Physics was established in year 1998. The department is among the first few departments since the inception of the Integral University (erstwhile Institute of Integral Technology). Initially the department was functioning under the umbrella of Faculty of Applied Sciences. Physics is the study of all matter and energy.Physics is the most fundamental and oldest of the sciences that employs rigorous logic, mathematics, experimentation, sound critical reasoning and thinking. Physicists are engaged in their zeal to find and solve interesting and unsolved important puzzles related with physical phenomena for the benefit of the human kind. In Physics, at Integral University, our mission is to educate students on both the theory and practicals in the innovative technologies. We also offer project-based undergraduate program with opportunities for campus-wide or off-campus projects.

M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in Physics are organized around two main areas: Soft-Matter/Biophysics and Nanoscience /Nanotechnology.