Prof. S. M. Iqbal

Institute of Integral Technology was established in the dying moments of twentieth century which later on metamorphosed into an imposing University in the aurora borealis of 21st century. The transformation of an Engineering Institute into a full fledged university within a period of six years (1998 to 2004) and getting the recognition of UGC in the same year of its elevation are ineffaceable landmarks which have heralded a new era in history of higher, technical and professional education. Even before the inception of classes in the Institute in 1998, it carried out a sponsored training programme of an International Organization to make best use of the brains available with the Institute. Hardly any Engineering Institute of the country can compete with it in this rare achievement.

With its majestic buildings, excellent infrastructure, State-of-the-Art Labs, Computer Centres, fully computerized library, absorbing environment, strong Centre for Career Guidance & Development etc. coupled with high quality education and intensive research programme, Integral University has established its own credentials as a synonym of excellence in education.

Prophet Mohammad (BPUH) has said "0 Allah! Bestow me the knowledge which is beneficial" This is the basis for the quest of moral value based education which is required to bring about universal brotherhood, peace, tranquility, progress and prosperity in the entire world. Integral University with its innovative, multidirectional and proactive approach serves as a "Kindly Light" (BIBLE,EXODUS 13,21) in the wilderness of dunes of ineffective and inadequate curriculums which hardly can inculcate moral values in students. The meaningful, quality and indepth education according to Confucius, the great Philosopher, is required to produce men of quality who could combine competence with virtue. According to B. Lytton "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world". Alive to the current global demand of man power, Integral University, through intensive care under Mentor-Mentee programme and monitoring of academic quality indicators produce students with commendable knowledge and superb moral values to be pride of the nation by having an everlasting "Inspiring Existence" with a sole aim to make India the greatest among all the countries of the world and to bring about a peaceful co-existence in-between.