Dr. Syed Nadeem Akhtar

Basically there are three types of educational fields:

1- Education that develops the personality of an individual is called spiritual education.
2- Education that teaches the ways to pay concern for betterment of society is known as social education.
3- Education that concerns professional exchange of knowledge with money is known as vocational education. Some areas that come under vocational training programme are as under:

a)- Engineering
b)- Medicine
c)- Science
d)- Agriculture
e)- Trade & Commerce

Engineering and Technical education covers a wide spectrum of educational areas. Technical education is playing a major role in training people of the country in various technologies. The role of technical education has become significant with increase in the number of technologies day by day. Thus more and more candidates now feel that there are better career opportunities in this field and they are looking out for ways to pursue such education. As the scope of technology is seamless so is the scope of job opportunities in the technology field. It is quite obvious that if a nation requires many technologies then naturally it will require many hands to build and operate those technologies. Hence this will result in creation of more job opportunities.

Role of technical education is also to provide the nation with human resources to develop its won technologies. technical Education makes an effort to improve the economy of the nation by making it richer, prosperous and resourceful. Thus role of technical education is towards improving the economy of the nation and opening up more job opportunities for individuals.