Integral University Lucknow

University Polytechnic

Dr. Khwaja Moeed (Principal)
(Ext. No.) 7011

Man grows from womb to tomb. He is born endowed with various potentialities and assets. We need to actualize these in our lives. This actualization is incomplete without Technical Education.

Keeping this in mind, Integral University, Lucknow started University Polytechnic in 2010 to equip and inculcate in students various technical courses. The courses we offer are Automobile Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering aiming at overall development of the respective students. The total number of students is 800.

The total number of faculty is 17 and these are well experienced and experts in their fields. They with their expertise, work hard with sincerity and honesty to share the knowledge with their students.

Students as they begin to locate their interest/talent after their intermediate choose their field and start growing progressively in their achievements. They then are comfortable in the so called changing, developing, competitive and computerized world. They find their place safe, successful and secured by exploring their talents, potentialities and positive assets and develop them further.

Therefore these courses aim at achieving the goal where students slowly and certainly get their hands on some of their intended mastery in the chosen area. Once they are masters in their fields, they begin to sense that their outlooks towards the realities of the world have changed. So let us make the world a place where we can all live as educated, happy, peaceful and successful people. Let us also invoke the blessing of the Almighty on all our efforts and ask Him to guide us in our plans.

Student's Zone (University Polytechnic)