Integral University Lucknow

Faculty of Law

      Dr. Naseem Ahmed Jafri
         Dean (Acting)
(Ext. No.) 7550

Success of law school and law colleges rests on their ability to bring out the excellence in their law students by nurturing their attitude to become smart, honest and committed lawyers. Law being a normative science learns more towards social science and hence it eludes scientific precision and objectivity. In this scenario competency in teaching is inevitable.

At present the main objective of the legal study is not only to enter the Bench and Bar. The option of career has been increased but quality of education is inevitable for them. So we are providing quality and career oriented education to young minds.

I welcome the budding lawyers to this great portal of excellence. Your enthusiasm and discipline would add much colour, vibrancy and skills in the department and the University as a whole.

The Faculty of Law in turn would dig deep into the souls of the budding law students, informing, shaping and moulding them into great legal professionals.