SWAYAM Course Guideline

Guideline for opting MOOC Subjects as Departmental Electives or Open Electives

(For Students)

1. At the time of selecting Departmental Elective or Open Elective , student can opt for a MOOC subject of same credit or one credit less.

2. Process for opting MOOC subject by the student:

3. After the completion of the subject, a copy of the certificate of completion with the marks obtained is to be submitted to the DSC.

4. Credit Conversion :

End Semester Exam (ESE) 75 Marks Continuous Assessment (CA) 25 Marks
Proctored Exam (as per MOOC mark sheet scaled to 50) Online Assignments (as per MOOC mark sheet) Presentation 1 (to be conducted by departmental committee ) Presentation 2 (to be conducted by departmental committee)
Marks distributi on 50 25 10 15
Marks required to Pass ESE(out of 50) + Online assignment (out of 25)=30 marks P1+P2=11 marks

5. Guideline for presentation 1 and presentation 2 will be provided.