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Polytechnic Diploma Distribution Ceremony 2019

20 th November, 2019 was a very auspicious day for 484 students of Integral Polytechnic university

20th November, 2019 was a very auspicious day for 484 students of Integral Polytechnic university. The central auditorium was reverberating with scholar vibes and victor ludorum when Dr. KM Moeed delivered the welcome address into the already jovial environment which was set by the students of the university and their melodious university Tarana.

Prof. Abdul Rahman Khan took the brilliant opportunity to congratulate the students on receiving their diplomas saying " These are warm memories for one's past and the upcoming big dreams of the future".

He invigorated the students and asked them to never ever stop learning. As learning is an ongoing process which continues and lasts lifetime.

Prof. M. Ashraf Rizvi shared tales about his bond with the students , who were now going to start their new phase of life. He recalled all the precious moments about the bond of students and teachers.

He also asked his students to make a trenchant expression on the outer world. Asked them to keep striving for success. He quoted "If you don’t have the job you love, create one."

Prof. Aqil Ahmad addressed the students with a warm congratulations and told them to ,"Never forget that in shaping the student's future, there is a great contribution of the teachers".

Dr. R.A.S Kushwaha expressed his gratitude towards the University polytechnic offers in programs and conducting research related areas of various engineering fields and its endeavor in offering equal opportunities to students from humble backgrounds by providing extraordinary mentorship and quality education.

He illuminated the students with the power and strength of self control by advising them to stay away from addictions and divergent forces which today's world comprises in order to maintain their health and told them the benefits of punctuality , perseverance and dedications , saying that these are the keys to achieve anything.

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