Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters

The Department of Biosciences, Integral University, Lucknow in collaboration with NurtureLife, a non-profit organization (NGO) established with the aim of providing solutions to mental health issues is going to organize an Awareness and Sensitization programme on Positive Mental Health and Well Being on 20th September, 2022 in Hall-1, Central Auditorium Building at 2.00 pm.

The mental health awareness programme is being organized with the aim of starting a discussion on mental health issues, of combating stigma and stimulating simple and practical interventions within the community. Mental wellness is a global priority and is included in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-3). Mental well-being is an integral part of our overall health and socio-economic development. Positive mental health helps determine how we build relationships, manage stress, make decisions and shape the world we live inPromoting actions that foster positive mental health will help build individual and collective mental resilience and equip us with tools to cope with adversity and bounce back. Utilising these coping mechanisms will go a long way in addressing the theme of World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 “Creating hope through action” by creating a movement of preventative action to drive positive behavioural change and empower people with the confidence to engage in complex issues.

In this regard, we have invited Ms. Farah Sarosh, Founder of NurtureLife and Dr. Azhar Mahmood Farooqui, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, IIMSR Integral University, Lucknow to be the key resource persons in the programme.


List of Events includes:

1.  Talk and Counselling Session - Ms. Farah Sarosh

2.  Talk                                          - Dr. Azhar Mahmood Farooqui

3.  Art for Wellness (Artistic event)

4. Nukkad Natak

We warmly invite you to be a part of this event to make it completely successful.

For any query, please contact:

Coordinators: Dr. Jahanarah Khatoon, Assistant Professor (9336829319)

                       Dr. Amita Dubey, Assistant Professor,

                       Department of Biosciences, Integral University, Lucknow