Projects Completed

Last Updated On : 15/07/2021

Large Scale Projects

S.NoProject Title
1 Employee Management System (LAN Based)
2 Student Management Information System (LAN Based)
3 Examination (Copy Coding/ TR Generation)
4 International Conference Biotechnology Website (ICBAFM-2015)
5 International Congress on Post-Harvest Technology of Agricultural Produce for Sustainable Food and Nutritional Security(Website)
6 University Website(s)
7 IU Perspective Plan(2016-2021)
8 Annual Quality Assurance Report System (LAN Based)
9 University Mobile Application
10 International Conference Biotechnology Website(ICBAFM-2017)
11 Faculty Appraisal System (LAN Based)

Last Updated On : 20/05/2021

Small Scale Projects

S.NoProject Title
1 Fiesta Website
2 Students Disciplinary Actions Management (LAN Based)
3 Student Marks System Update for Department of Pharmacy ( As per PCI )
4 Website For Central Library Subdomain
5 Online Grievances Management System
6 Automate Voucher Generation (Accounts)
7 Website Administrator Panel
8 Payment Gateway Integration (ICBAMF-2015, ACEIT, CBPP, NSETACS, ICPASN-2016, ETNCER-2016, Event(Cloud Infrastructure & Services), Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, ICBAMF-2017
9 SMS(LAN Based Student Portal)
10 Student Feedback System
11 School Registration
12 Easy Task Migration
13 Alumni Website
14 Online/Offline IUET Application System
15 Automated Admission Information Center System (LAN Based)