Research And Development

  • Production Engineering
  • Industrial System Engineering
  • Quality Management
  • Welding Technology
SNo Candidate Name Thesis Title Supervisor/Co-Supervisor
1 Meenu Sharma To study the effects of submerged arc welding process parameters on weld Geometry (Shape factor) Dr. Shahnwaz Alam
2 Faiz  Mohd. Optimal design of hydraulic channels and hydraulic structures Dr. Mohd. Anas / Dr. R. M. Singh 
3 S. A. H. Jafri Optimizing insulation thickness for building envelope. Dr.P. K. Bharti
4 Rati Saluja Characterization of Metallurgical Parameters for Grade 304 Austenitic Weld Metal and their Effect on Mechanical Properties Dr. K. M. Moeed
5 Abhishek Dwivedi Fabrication and Characterization of Natural Fiber Reinforcement Polymer Composite Dr.P. K. Bharti
6 Mohd. Wasiq Application of Taguchi method to optimize submerged arc welding parameters and mechanical properties under the influence of axial magnetic field. Dr. Shahnwaz Alam
7 Mohd. Reyaz-Ur-Rahim Static Analysis on  Composite Material Dr.P. K. Bharti
8 Mohd. Faizan Hasan To Study the Thermal  Analysis of Carbon  Fiber Polymer Matrix Composite Material Dr.P. K. Bharti
9 Sumita Chaturvedi Lubrication analysis of metal-on-metal hip implants Dr.P. K. Bharti
10 Yaqoob Ali Ansari Evaluation of advanced abrasive flow machining process Dr. K. M. Moeed
11 Mohammad Seraj Study of droplet motion through fibrous media Dr. Mohd. Anas
12 Asif Ahmad Parametric optimization of pulsed TIG welding process Dr. Shahnwaz Alam
13 Akshay Kumar Pandey Study of Non Traditional “Abrasive Machining” Dr.P. K. Bharti
14 Syed Asghar Husain Rizvi Studies on the performance improvement of EDM of AISI 4340 using CU-W electrode Prof.(Dr.) P.K.Bharti / Dr. Sanjay Agarwal  
15 Abdul Jabbar Ansari - Dr. Mohd. Anas
16 Ashutosh Kumar Pandey - Dr. S.N. Akhtar
17 Azhar Ahmad Khan - Dr. M. S. Khan
18 Mohd Saad Saleem - Dr. M. S. Khan
19 Md Shakibul Haque - Dr. S.N. Akhtar
20 Pradeep Kumar Gupta - Dr. K. M. Moeed
21 Nitin Srivastava - Dr. Mohd. Anas
22 Kamlesh Tiwari - Dr. M. S. Khan
23 Tushar Kiran - Dr. M. S. Khan
24 Sharique Hayat - -
25 Mirza Danish Beg - -
26 Brijesh Kumar Ojha - -
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