(Programme Educational Objectives)

  • To provide in-depth knowledge about core areas of biosciences such as biotechnology, biochemistry and microbiology.
  • To make students competent in the field of biosciences and allied areas by providing them hands on experience in basic tools and techniques.
  • To instill the ability for research and entrepreneurship in the students along with strong ethics and communication skills.
  • To inculcate, facilitate, motivate and promote knowledge and technical skills in core areas of biological sciences including advanced tools and techniques like genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics to young aspirants.
  • To equip and motivate the students to pursue higher education and research in reputed institutes at national and international level in the field of science.
  • To develop trained human resource in the field of advanced translational research.
  • To provide students with an understanding of the role of science in societal development.
  • To develop graduates with a strong professional ethics and moral duties that will positively affect their profession, community, society and Nation at large.


(Programme Outcomes)

  • The degree programs offered at the Department of Biosciences empowers research-based in-depth study of Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and Microbiology.
  • It equips the students to work independently in laboratory, analyze and apprehend the scientific articles, present scientific topics and research results in spoken and written forms, both.
  • It allows having a thorough perceivence and competency in specific areas of biology in addition to a broad-based integrative standing of basic biological concepts.
  • It endows the understanding of research-based knowledge including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of information to provide valid conclusions.
  • Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics, responsibilities, and norms of the biological sciences practice.
  • Empower the students to acquire technological cross-examination by connecting disciplinary and interdisciplinary aspects.
  • Develop ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
  • It also inculcates the importance of Bioethics, IPR, entrepreneurship, communication and management skills to usher next generation of Indian industrialists and researchers.

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