Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering at Integral University, Lucknow. Established as one of the major departments of the Institute, since its inception in 2011, the Department of Electrical Engineering has been actively engaged in teaching and research in diverse fields of Electrical Engineering. With excellent faculty, the Department of Electrical Engineering offers undergraduate (B.Tech), Postgraduate (M.Tech) and Research (Ph.D.) programmes. The Department has fully equipped laboratories such as Electrical Machines laboratory, Power Systems Laboratory, Control Systems laboratory, Electrical Measurements laboratory, Power Electronics & Drives Laboratory, Electrical workshop Laboratory & Electrical circuit simulation laboratory with well qualified faculty members having post graduate & doctoral degrees in Engineering. The Department is also actively engaged in research, consultancy and testing in the area of Power Systems and Power Electronics. The department is regularly producing research publications in international/national journals and conferences. Many research scholars are pursuing Doctoral research in various emerging fields of Electrical Engineering.    Learn more →

News & Announcement

   Dr. Mohd Khursheed Siddiqui Co-Chaired Two Sessions (PEC 5 & PEC 10) at the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition – Asia (IEEE ECCE-Asia 2021) held from 24 th to 27th May 2021 in Singapore
   Dr. Mohd Khursheed Siddiqui Nominated as Institutional Ambassador of Institute For Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP)
   Departmental Committees
   Dr. Mohammed gets best paper award at an International Conference (ICICPS 2020)
   Workshop on IOT on 28th and 29th Jan 2021
   Debate Competition on National Youth Day
   Dr. Mohammed Asim gets certificate of appreciation from Shaurya Shakti Foundation for his work in field of education and employment
   Dr. Mohammed Asim gets best paper award at an International Conference ICRP-2020
   Report of Webinar on “Grid Connected PV Systems”
   Webinar on Grid Connected PV Systems
   Improvement odd sem 2019-20
   B.Tech. Evening odd sem practical schedule 2019-20
   Schedule for Practical Examination Odd Sem 2019-20
   Project granted to Dr Mohammed Asim
   Departmental coordinators and committees 2019-20
   International Seminar on Present Scenario & Future Prospectives of Research in Engineering and Sciences (ISPSFPRES-17) Date: January 21, 2017 at Integral University, Lucknow


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