(Programme Educational Objectives)

  1. To provide the necessary background in science, particularly in chemistry, physics, advance mathematics and engineering.
  2. To provide the in depth knowledge of subjects so that they can participate and succeed in national and international challenges in the field of electrical and electronics engineering.
  3. To train students to work in team for carrying out multi disciplinary projects which have direct applications to the society and transfer technology to industries.
  4. To provide good learning environment and hands on experimental exposure in order to develop protocols and analyze, design and comprehend data for publications for improving oral and written communication skill.
  5. To develop entrepreneurship capabilities in various areas of electrical and electronics engineering with enhance efficiency, productivity, cost effectiveness, scientific and technological empowerment of human resources.
  6. To acquaint students with the professional issues, work ethics, guidelines to encourage the students and train them to develop enthusiasm and desire towards continuous learning.
  7. To impart advance knowledge of soft computing and engineering breadth so that it could be utilized in advance field of electrical engineering to solve practical problem.


(Programme Outcomes)

  1. The graduates are expected to have basic knowledge of engineering mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, fundamental of mechanical, civil, computer science ,information technology, environmental science ,electrical and electronics engineering.
  2. The graduates are expected to have the ability to identify, formulate and solve electrical engineering problem.
  3. The graduates are expected to have the ability to design electrical and electronics circuits and conduct experiments on real time electrical systems, analyze and interpret data respectively.
  4. The graduates are expected to possess ability to design and analog systems.
  5. The graduates are expected to have the ability to visualize and work on multi disciplinary tasks.
  6. The graduates are expected to have skills to use modern engineering tools, software and equipments to analyze problems.
  7. The graduates are expected to have knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities.
  8. The graduates are expected to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.
  9. The graduates are expected to have understanding of impact of engineering solutions on the society and also be aware of contemporary issues.
  10. The graduates are expected to develop confidence for self education and ability for continuous learning.
  11. The graduates are expected to participate and succeed in competitive examinations like GATE, CAT, GRE etc.

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