Proctor's Corner


  • On the receipt of complaint, Enquiry Officer as deputed by Proctor / Enquiry Committee (if felt so by Proctor) looks into Points of complaint.
  • The Enquiry Officer / Enquiry Committee, on the basis of complaint calls the complainant on a specified date and time.
  • The person against whom complaint of misconducts is received is asked to explain his/her position within specified time.
  • The complainant is given full opportunity to narrate incident leading to complaint.
  • The complainant is provided fair opportunity to bolster his complaint by giving evidence of facts and circumstances.
  • The Enquiry Officer / Enquiry Committee makes all possible effort to bring conciliation through counseling. (If the same is achieved, case may be closed and recorded with intimation to Proctor)
  • Thereafter Enquiry Officer / Enquiry Committee prepares detail report on the basis of facts, circumstances, statement of complaint/witness fixing responsibility and report is submitted to Proctor for further cause of action.
  • The accused is given full chance to defend himself/herself before Proctor / Proctorial Board.
  • If the charges framed are proved, the delinquent student is subjected to the appropriate penalty.
  • Any student feeling aggrieved over the decision, has the right to appeal to Vice Chancellor within three months from the date of service of the order/office memo. The decision of Vice- Chancellor will be final.