Program Specific Outcomes (psos)

B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering)

By the completion of Computer Science and Engineering program the student will have following Program specific outcomes.

  • Ability to understand the principles and working of computer systems. Students have a sound knowledge about the hardware and software aspects of computer systems.
  • Ability to design and develop computer programs and understand the structure and development methodologies of software systems.
  • Ability to apply their skills in the field of algorithms, networking, web design, cloud computing and data analytics.
  • Ability to apply knowledge to provide innovative novel solutions to existing problem and identify research gaps

M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engg.)

At the end of the program an student is:

  • Able to take on existing models, techniques, algorithm etc. for efficient solving problems
  • Able to design, develop and evaluate a new and innovative project which meet the desired needs of industry and society.
  • Able to apply software engineering principles and practices to provide software solution.
  • 4. Able to take up higher studies, Research & Development and Entrepreneurships in the modern computing environment

B.Tech -CTIS

At the end of the program the students is able to:

  • PSO1 : Identify and apply domain specific tools to solve real world problem in field of Cloud Technology and Information Security
  • PSO2 : Design, develop and analyze the use of the Information security tools and technique for providing security.
  • PSO3 : Design and develop solutions to efficiently utilize the cloud technology related problems.

B.Tech (DS&AI)

At the end of the program the students should be:

  • PSO1 : Able to demonstrate data analysis skills and AI for effective interpretation and decision making to solve real life problems.
  • PSO2 : Able to carry out research in the advanced areas of AI & Data Science and address the basic needs of the society.
  • PSO3 : Able to apply ethical principles and commit to professional and social responsibilities.

B.Tech (CC&AI)

At the end of the program the students should be:

  • PSO1 : Able to demonstrate the knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and cloud computing for designing intelligent systems.
  • PSO2 : Able to apply computational knowledge and project development skills to provide innovative solutions.
  • PSO3 : Able to apply ethical principles and commit to professional and social responsibilities.


At the end of the program the students should be able :

  • PSO1 : To upgrade and maintain old (legacy) software systems by using modern techniques, programming skills, and tools.
  • PSO2 : To develop, test and maintain Software systems for business and other applications that meets the automation needs of the society and industry.
  • PSO3 : To provide engineering solutions for the betterment of society keeping the environmental context in mind, be aware of professional ethics and be able to communicate effectively. Degree)

Each Post graduate of the program should:

  • Have a basic understanding of science and engineering and their linkages to key technologies
  • Have a strong practical background in Computer Science with a focus in another discipline.
  • Understand Object Oriented Software Development Process.
  • Apply object-oriented methods for analysis and design of real world problems.
  • Apply the concepts of UML to design real world problems

M.Tech CSE with Specialization in Advance Computing and Data Science(ACDS)

At the end of the program the student will be able to:

  • Have required expertise and knowledge of advanced computing and applications of engineering.
  • Understand and demonstrate advanced knowledge of statistical data analytics as applied to large data sets
  • Understand and demonstrate the role of statistics in the analysis of large datasets
  • Critically analyze existing Big Data datasets and implementations

M.Tech- CSE (Evening)

At the end of the program the students are able to:

  • Upgrade their skills in accordance with the advancement of technologies.
  • Obtain in depth knowledge of latest techniques that can provide more economic and affordable solutions to the real world problems.
  • Enhance their profile as a professional.

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