Integral University Lucknow

Integral Institute of Medical Sciences & Research

Anti - Ragging Committee

    As per the directives of Medical Council of India, the following steps have been undertaken for prevention of ragging in the IIMS&R campus and hostels for the academic year of 2018-19.

An Anti-Ragging Committee is formed with the following members. Terms of reference of the committee is put hereunder:

S.No. Members Contact No.
1 Prof. M. Z. Idris, Director/Dean (Chairman) 7704977072
2 Dr. M.N. Siddiqui, Medical Superintendent 9415544938
3 Dr. Syed Misbahul Hasan 9765629789
4 Prof. Tahseen Usmani, Proctor, I.U. 7376790764
5 Prof. Nadeem Ahmad (Coordinator, MEU, IIMS&R) 8126904970
6 Prof. Quazi Shaheer Ahmad (Member Secretary) 8630035493
7 Prof. Roshan Alam (MBBS Superintendent, Hall 3) 9997392947
8 Prof. Rubeena Bano (Physiology) 9559292258
9 Dr. Sana Jamali (Member, Proctorial Board) 7408311520
10 Dr. R.U. Khan (Surgery) 9956092129
11 Dr. Anurag Agarwal (Psychiatry) 9935371828
12 Dr. S M A Waseem (Warden, Hall 3, IIMS&R) 9761159125
13 Mr. Hayat (Chief Warden) 9368134040
14 Ms. Priyanka Thapa (Warden, Girls Hostel, IIMS&R) 9721215242
15 Mr. Asad, Chief Security Officer, I.U. 7704905091
16 Mr. Akhilesh Chandra Pandey, Station Officer, Gudamba Police Station, Lucknow 9454403831

Terms of reference of the functioning of Anti Ragging Committee:

  1. To make all the inmates and employees of the institution and students in particular aware of the dehumanizing effect of ragging and strict policy of IIMS&R of the Integral University to manifest a ragging free campus.
  2. To take undertaking from all the employee of the institution including hostel employee or employee running the canteen, hostel security, watchman &ward staff. An undertaking that any incident of ragging in any part of the campus will be reported to anti-ragging helpline number of the IIMS&R or any of the anti –ragging committee members and anti ragging squad. Those who report any incident of ragging will be appreciated.
  3. The students at the time of admission will be briefed about the menace of ragging and necessity of reporting the incident. So that, it can be prevented in future. Accordingly, an undertaking will be taken from the new entrants and their parents to report such incident and not to indulge in such type of activities.
  4. Banners/Poster and publicity material will be displayed with subject that ragging is cognizable offence and the punishment is severe, so student should not indulge in such activities and if observed in the campus to report the same to the Anti-Ragging Helpline.
  5. An undertaking will also be taken from the senior student of the IIMS&R or University stating that they will not indulge in ragging activities. Along with the students, the parent of the student will be informed.

An Anti-Ragging Squad is also formed with following members and their responsibility is put hereunder:

S.No Members Contact No
1 Prof. Quazi Shaheer Ahmad (Coordinator) 8630035493
2 Mr.Shamim Akhtar, Dy. Registrar (IIMS&R) 9616226144
3 Prof. V.S. Chandel, Provost, I.U. 7007922632
4 Dr. Neelam Pathak, Proctor, I.U. 9532038720
5 Mr. Mohd Zafar, Dy. Proctor, I.U. 9839985438
6 Dr. Sanober Mir, Assistant Proctor, I.U. 9198990380
7 Prof. Roshan Alam (MBBS Superintendent, Hall 3) 9997392947
8 Prof. Mehboobul Haq (Anatomy) 9458702176
9 Dr. Nitin Ranjan Gupta (Medicine) 8052704623
10 Dr. Fareed Ahmad (Orthopedics) 9919078100
11 Dr. Arshiya Khan (Obs. & Gynae) 8756108100
12 Dr. Mohd Mobin (Ophthalmology) 9919179897
13 Dr. Sana Jamali (Microbiology 9456278987
14 Dr. S.M.A Waseem (Warden, Hall 3) 9761159125
15 Ms. Priyanka Thapa (Girls Hostel, IIMS&R) 9721215242
16 Mr. Hayat (Chief Warden) 9668134040
17 Mr. Asad (Chief Security Officer) 7704905091

Terms of reference of the functioning of Anti Ragging Committee:-

  1. All The members of the squad are to be vigilant regarding any untoward activities in the campus or hostel.
  2. Members are requested to organize an efficient surveillance system which should include the watch & ward staff, hostel employee of all grades to inform any suspicious activities to the members.
  3. The members should verify and take specific action with the information to Coordination, Dean/Director.
  4. The member should also organize meeting to sensitize the inmates on the evil of ragging.
  5. They are also to conduct regular &surprise inspection of the hostel etc.
  6. A weekly report has to be submitted on surveillance of the campus related to any incidents.

An Anti-Ragging Squad is also formed with following members and their responsibility is put hereunder:

S.No Members Contact No
1 Landline Number (IIMS&R) 0522-2890730, 0522-2890812, 0522-3296117
2 Prof. M. Z. Idris, Dean/Director (IIMS&R) 7704977072
3 Dr. M. N. Siddiqui, Medical Superintendent, IIMS&R 9415544938
4 Mr. Shamim Akhtar, Deputy Registrar (IIMS&R) 9616226144