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Integral Institute of Medical Sciences & Research

Dean's Message

Integral University Lucknow is a minority institution run by Islamic Council of Productive Education established in the year 2004 under the act no. 9 of 2004 by U.P. State Government, Government of India to impart standard value, based education in highly disciplined and decorous environment. The society started with a small hospital mainly to cater the basic health care needs of surrounding villages which has now grown into Integral Institute of Medical Sciences and Research which is a hi-tech 540 bedded hospital, fully furnished with advanced facilities and managed by highly qualified medical staff. IIMSR has 21 departments besides Emergency, Trauma Care Unit, 4 Intensive care unites (MICU, ICCU, SICU, NICU, PICU) and Blood bank units. IIMS&R was awarded LOP in the year 2013 and after successful completion of successive five years of running MBBS course, the institute has been duly recognized by MCI u/s 11 (2) from the year 2018. PG courses in seven departments has been started from 2019 and opening of PG courses is under process in remaining departments. Competency Based Medical Education Curriculum has been started from the year 2019.

The parent body of the institution is governed by the Board of Trustees which is headed by Dr. Saeedur Rehman Azmi, President, a renowned scholar of Nadwat-ul-Ulema, Lucknow and eminent academician Prof. S. W. Akhtar, Hon’ble Chancellor of Integral University and General Secretary of Islamic Council for Productive Education, Lucknow.

  • Integral Institute of Medical Science and Research (IIMS&R) aspires; to achieve national and international recognition for its capability to produce physicians with essential knowledge, skills and professionalism for practicing their profession efficiently & ethically; to provide evidence based clinical care to the attending patients & public health services to the neighboring community and to undertake such research program which addresses the prevailing health problems and whose outcome can be translated to a functional service package & program benefiting individuals and the community at large.
  • Mission:
  • The mission of IIMS&R is to produce “Indian Medical Graduate” who possesses essential knowledge, skills, and professionalism as prescribed by the Medical Council of India, and is capable of pursuing a lifelong continuing education to keep him updated about the newer evidence based care and cure and is capable of working in different community settings with high standard of professionalism & ethic and be the lynch pin of the health care system he serves and be able to contribute in meeting the health care needs of the population he serves.
  • Institutional Objectives:
  • The undergraduate students coming out of IIMS&R should be: A competent clinician to practice preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative medicine in respect to the commonly encountered health problems in an individual at the primary, secondary or tertiary levels using his/her clinical skills. Be competent in diagnosis and management of common health problems of the community, commensurate with his/her position as a Leader and member of the health team and the health system he works in using his community diagnosis & management skills. Be a competent communicator with patients, families, community and members of Health team and other service providers. A lifelong learner committed to continually update his knowledge and skill. A professional, with all the attributes of a good citizen and committed to provide his services maintaining high standard of professional ethics and also be responsive and accountable to the patient, community he serves and the profession.

  • Name of the Dean :Prof. M. Z. Idris, MBBS, M.D (Community Medicine) - Dean & Director

  • Name of the Medical Superintendent: Prof. Abha Chandra, MBBS, M.S.(General Surgery), (CVTS), DNB (CVTS)-Medical Superintendent cum Vice Dean