The Department of Languages has been a part and parcel of Integral University from its very inception. Its twin foci are Professional Communication and English Language, Grammar and Soft Skills as also ESP. The Department of Languages offers degrees at PhD, MA level (MA in English) as well as Certificate and Diploma Courses in German, French, Arabic and Persian. In the footsteps of liberalization, privatization and globalization, as also because of massive expansion in various fields after the World War II such as Science, Technology, Commerce, International Relations, etc., Professional Communication and a new field of enquiry, i.e. English for Specific Purposes, emerged as dominant domains. The domains include, among others, Technical Communication, Scientific Communication, Legal Communication, Business Communication, Medical Communication and Inter-Cultural Communication.    Learn more →

News & Announcement

   Teaching and Training program on "Communication skills in Urdu"
   Literary Activities on 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
   Information in Arabic about the University and its courses
   MBBS Foundation Course Offered by the Department
   Observing the World Literacy Day 2019
   Observing the Literacy Day
   List of the Faculty Coordinators
   RDC notice September 2018
   Short-term course in Spoken English
   Admission to PhD (English) Program
   PhD Entrance Test Syllabus (English)
   Courses Offered by the Department of Languages 2018-19
   RDC Notice
   Department of Languages time table
   Notice for New PhD Scholars
   New PC Practical Schedule 2017-18
   PC Practical Schedule 2017-18
   List of the Faculty Coordinators
   Courses offered by the Department
   Mushairah vo Mehfile Baitbazi
   Programs Offered
   Second Midsem Exam Schedule 2016-17_Even semester (first-fourth year)
   Improvement Exam Schedule 2016-17_Even Semester
   First Midsem Exam Schedule 2016-17_Even semester (fourth year and dual degree)
   First Midsem Exam Schedule 2016-17_Even semester (first-third year)
   Debate Competition on 5th of September 2016

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