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Webinar on “Internship: First Step towards a Great Career”

The Department of Commerce & Business Management, Integral University, Lucknow, organized an E-Seminar on “Internship: First Step towards a Great Career” on July 11, 2020.

The E-Seminar was designed to guide and motivate the students to take up the internships with full seriousness and in the right spirit and was targeted towards all the students of the university. The following topics/ themes were discussed during the E-Seminar.
1. The role of internship in the career path of a student. 2. Myths & Misgivings about internships in the minds of students. 3. Industry perspective on internships. 4. Students Questions answered by experts.

Around 2,100 participants, PAN India actively participated in the 120 minutes E-Seminar, which was streamed live on You Tube. The participants came from different backgrounds; academicians, corporate professionals, research scholars and students.
A brief summary of the contents of each of the speaker's talk is given below.

Prof. A.K. Saxena, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management, set the ball rolling by emphasizing the importance of internship in the career of students. He reiterated that internship is a great opportunity for students to practice what they have learnt in the classroom and also learn some new skills during the period they spend during internship.

Prof. Anil K. Dubey, Emeritus Professor, Department of Commerce and Business Management, talked about various myths and misgivings that students usually have about internships. He requested the two speakers from the industry to clarify and remove some of these misgivings from the minds of the students, while speaking to them later. Prof. Anil Dubey advised the students to take the period of their internship as an extended interview for a job. The traits of a good intern were also brought out taking some excerpts from a Hollywood movie “The Intern”.

Mr. Suresh Khurana, CEO, Bombay Dyeing Mfg Co. Ltd and National Peroxide Ltd, emphasized that students should always remember that it’s a give and take between the intern and the employer. The students can learn a lot during internship if they show an aptitude and willingness to learn. He gave numerous examples of how an intern can effectively use his time during the internship to learn new skills and also contribute productively for the company he is interning. Mr. Khurana also emphasized the importance of networking in professional life.

Mr. V.P.Sahi, Former GM, Bennett Coleman &, Co talked at length about the importance of internship in the career and felt that the Industry, Educational Institutions and the faculty has a very important role in motivating the student to take the internship with utmost seriousness. He also emphasized the need to manage the expectations of interns.

Q & A session: : A few of the questions from the audience were taken up by the speakers during the Q & A session. The variety and range of questions raised show that the participants took an active part in the seminar.

Dr. Syed Shahid Mazhar, Head - Department of Commerce and Business Management, conducted the event as moderator. He gave his concluding remarks, quoting from one of the speakers, as a final piece of advice to the students, “Be so good that they can’t ignore you”. The webinar ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Shahid to all the speakers, participants and to the organizing team who managed the entire event successfully.

YouTube link for webinar : Click Here

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