(Programme Educational Objectives)

  • To provide undergraduates/graduates with encouraging academic environment that makes them aware about global environmental issues, Wildlife, biodiversity and climate change etc.
  • To provide undergraduates/graduates with the knowledge about the environment through education, training and field exposure, which they can use to identify and assess the environmental problems for finding solutions.
  • To develop capability of environmental Science undergraduates/graduates who are able to explain basic principles and concepts of environment and understand underlying causes of environmental degradation.
  • To prepare students in engaging in environmental field through professional planning and pursuing higher education and research in environmental Science and other allied science disciplines.


(Programme Outcomes)

  • Informed undergraduates/graduates with the knowledge, skills and tools regarding environmental issues, Wildlife, biodiversity and climate change etc.
  • Availability of trained professionals from undergraduates/graduates, who understand environmental issues and have relevant skills to engage themselves in environmental research.
  • A better understanding on scientific fundamentals required to interpret, formulate, and analyze issues for finding solutions to the environmental problems.
  • Trained professionals to independently undertake environmental risk assessment, health and safety regulations as well as implementation of environmental laws.
  • Capability to use techniques, skills and modern environmental tools in integration with professional and ethical practices, with multidisciplinary problem solving approach.
  • Awareness among stakeholders and society regarding environmental issues, Wildlife, biodiversity and climate change etc at the local, national and international levels through publications/seminars/discussions etc.

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