Research And Development

  • Heavy Metal Pollution, Conservation of Biodiversity, Agrochemicals v/s Crop Plants

  • Biodiversity (Faunal & aquatic), Wildlife, exploration of biodiversity, Conservation

  • Climate Change, Environmental pollution & Impact Assessment, Forestry Carbon Inventorization, Remote Sensing & GIS

  • Heavy metal pollution Solid waste management, Bioremediation, Microbial reclamation of heavy metals

  • Air, water & Soil pollution and management

  • In vitro plant tissue culture, Transgenic, Plant biotechnology.

  • Aquatic toxicology, Heavy metal toxicity and carcinology.

  • Abiotic stress Vs plants
Sr No Enrollment Names Mode Research Toic Supervisor Year Of Joinning Status Co-Supervisor
1 2001235 Pawan Shanti Praksh Parik Part Time Temprature dependent sex determination and nesting habitat characterization of red crown roofed turtle (Batagur kachuga) along Chambal river Prof. M.A. Khalid 2021 Pursuing
2 2001319 Rahil Ayaz Part Time Studies on agricultural utilization of Sand dune of south Quwait through soil reclamation Dr. Amina Jafri 2021 Pursuing
3 2100066 Nafisa shaheen Full Time Development of somaclonal varient with high Artimisisnin content in A. Annua-an important medicinal plant Dr. Syed Saema 2021 Pursuing
4 2100218 Anam Full Time Topic proposed Dr. Anand Mishra 2021 Pursuing Dr,Harnam Singh Lodi
5 2100179 Chandan Bala Part Time Topic proposed Dr. Riyazuddeen Khan 2021 Pursuing
6 2100177 FahmiFatima Part Time Topic proposed Dr. Rahila Rahman Khan 2021 Pursuing
7 2100171 Pranjali Tripathi Full Time Identification and assessment of forest fire risk zone and its environmental impact using geospatial techniques in Suhailwa Wild life Scanctury, Balrampur Uttar Prades Dr. Amina Jafri 2021 Pursuing
8 2001019 Anushree Srivastava Full Time Screening of different cyanobacteria for bioremediation of some selected pollutants of river Ganga Dr. Amina Jafri 2020 Pursuing Prof. Iffat Zareen Ahmad
9 2001182 Anam Toshiba Full Time To asses the level of air pollution via airosol in different district of Eastern region U.P. Dr. Rahila Rahman Khan 2020 Pursuing Dr. Alfred J. Lawrence
10 1901128 Anil Kumar Jha Part Time Effect of Rhododendron arboretum on immune response of fishes under varying environmental condition in Nepal Prof. M.A. Khalid 2019 Pursuing S. N. Labh
11 1901143 Prabha Chitrakar Manandhar Part Time Spatio-Temporal variability of ichyofaunal diversity wrt.limnology of three rivers of Nepal Prof. M.A. Khalid 2019 Pursuing S. N. Labh
12 1701014 Gurpreet Singh Part Time Comparative Study on Physicochemical parameters and vegetation composition in relation to avifaunal diversity of selected wetland in Haryana Prof. M.A. Khalid 2017 Pursuing
13 1701015 Arunima Singh Part Time Conservation Strategies for endangered Hardella thurjii (1831)in the sarju river of Uttar Pradesh, India Prof. M.A. Khalid 2017 Thesis Submit Dr. Shailendra Singh
14 1701016 Ritu Garg Part Time Critical Analysis of Sustainable zero liquid discharge system in Kanpur Dehat and Unnao leather cluster. Prof. M.A. Khalid 2017 Thesis Submit
15 1701017 Anshuman Tiwari Part Time Comparative Assessment of different technologies adopted to achieve zero liquid discharge in Distilleries Prof. M.A. Khalid 2017 Thesis Submit
16 1701020 Alka Kushwaha Full Time Variation in Carbon Sequestration Among commercial Mango Cultivators under North Indian Climatic Conditions Dr. Rahila Rahman Khan 2017 Pursuing Dr. Ashok Kumar
17 1701154 Nafish Ahmad Full Time Application of Abiotic stress to assess Artemisinin production in Artemisia annua L. plant. Dr. Riyazuddeen Khan 2017 Pursuing Prof. Iffat Zareen
18 13070 Mohd. Usama Full Time Sustainable use of organic farming for enhancing the yield andrapid growth of Brassica sps. and fertility of soil Prof. (Dr.) M.A. Khalid 2013 Thesis Submit
Sr No Enrollment Registration Year Of Joinning Research Toic Supervisor Co-Supervisor Year of Awarded File Url
1 1601055 Bimlendu Kumar Mishra 2016 Impact Assessment of water Temperature on populations of major economically important fishes of Nepal Prof. M.A. Khalid Prof. Shyam Narayan Labh 2022 View
2 13124 Bindu Singh 2013 Trichoderma spp. Mediated Bioremediation against Malathion in Selected plants Prof. (Dr.) M.A. Khalid Dr. Virendra Kumar Singh 2020 View
3 13125 Chetna Mishra 2014 Anti-lipotoxic effect of photochemicals in high fat diet Streptozotocin induced diabetic dyslipidemic rats Prof. M.A. Khalid Dr. A.A. Mahdi 2019 View
4 1401038 Mohd Kashif Khan 2014 Biremediation of surarcane mollasses based industry effluent Prof. M.A. Khalid 2018 View
5 10068 Amina Jafri 2010 Characterization and Impact of Biomedical Waste BMW and Management Strategies at Lucknow city Dr. M.J.A.Siddiqui Dr. Snober Mir 2016 View
6 10087 Rahila Rahman Khan 2010 Impact of Particulate Matter on The Health of Human Population of Kanpur City. Dr. M.J.A.Siddiqui Dr. Ananditta Das 2016 View
7 2006 Vipin bihari 2006 Environmental Exposure to Biomass Fuels-Associated HealthHazards among Rural Women And Prevetive Measures S.M.Iqbal Dr. L.P.Srivastava 2014 View
  • Conference

    Sr No Author Name Title Conference Name Held At From Date To Date Organizer Name Publication Link
    1 Mohammad Usama Teaching and Learning by Innovative Methods used During Corona Pandemic through Online Classes Innovative Approaches in Higher Education Online 29/01/2022 29/01/2022 University of Mumbai, Department of Education & MKLM’S B L Ambani College of Commerce & Economics M. View
  • Journal

    Sr No Author Name Title Journal Name Volume No Issue No Page No Year Of Publication Indexing Impact Factor Name Url
    1 Nafish Ahmad, Riyazuddeen Khan, Iffat Zareen Ahmad A REVIEW ON ASSESSMENT OF ARTEMISININ PRODUCTION UNDER ABIOTIC STRESS IJFANS International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences 11 3 3616-3631 2022 Ugc Care List - View
    2 Kaiser Iqbal Wani, Andleeb Zehra, Sadaf Choudhary, M. Naeem, M. Masroor A. Khan, Riyazuddeen Khan & Tariq Aftab Exogenous Strigolactone (GR24) Positively Regulates Growth, Photosynthesis, and Improves Glandular T Journal of Plant Growth Regulation 2022 Scopus SCI View
    3 Anam Taushiba Rahila Rahman khan, B.S.V. Prakash , Alfred J. Lawrence A Comprehensive Review of Indoor Microbiological Contaminants Indian Journal of Advances in Chemical Science 10 ----------- 159-163 2022 Ugc Care List ---------- View
    4 Alka Kushwaha Rahila Rahman Khan Ashok Kumar Effect of wood density on above-ground biomass while measuring the mango trees Indian Journal of Hill Farming 35 -------------- 107-119 2022 Ugc Care List ------------------ View
    5 Arunima Singh, Monowar Alam Khalid and Shailendra Singh, Diversity, distribution and bathymetric preferences of freshwater turtles in lower Sarju river, Nort J. Exp. Zool. India 24 02 1803-1809 2022 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care SCImago Journal Rank (SJR View
    6 Alka Kushwaha, Ashok Kumar and Rahila Rahman Khan A comparative assessment of Non-destructive and destructive methods for precise volume estimation of Journal of Applied and Natural Science 13 1 183-190 2021 Scopus Scopus View
    7 Gurpreet Singh and Monowar Alam Khalid Avifaunal diversity of Integral University Campus, Lucknow, India. International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology 1 09 1164-1171 2020 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care SJIF View
    8 Anand Mishra, Sanjive Shukla, A. K. Chopra, Sandeep Shukla and Harnam Singh Lodhi A report on freshwater tailless flea, Simocephalus vetulus from Haridwar, located in foot hills of S Journal of Applied and Natural Science 12 03 46-54 2020 Scopus ------- View
    9 Anand Mishra, Monowar Alam Khalid and Harnam Singh Lodhi A review on the importance of butterflies in biodiversity Anusandhan 8 1 122-126 2020 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care ------- View
    10 Tasneem Ahmed and Mohammad Usama Potential Application of Hough Transform to Extract Hot Spot Delineated Boundaries Using Landsat-8 S International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) (ISSN- 2278-3075) 9 3 3550-3557 2020 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care Global Impact Factor View
    11 Uzma Afaq, Anand Mishra, and Gyanendra Kumar Stress management during the outbreak of 2019 Novel Corona-virus. Anusandhan 8 1 143-146 2020 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care ------- View
    12 Bimlendu Kumar Mishra, Monowar Alam Khalid and Shyam Narayan Labh Assessment of the effect of water temperature on length gain, feed conversion ratio (FCR) and protei International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 7 3 6-13 2019 Scopus ISSN View
    13 Chetna Mishra, Monowar Alam Khalid, Nazmin Fatima1, Babita Singh, Dinesh Tripathi, Mohammad Waseem, Abbas Ali Mahdi Effects of citral on oxidative stress and hepatic key enzymes of glucose metabolism in streptozotoci Iran J Basic Med Sci 22 1 122 2019 Scopus ISSN View
    14 Chetna Mishra, M.A. Khalid, Dinesh Tripathi3 and A. A. Mahdi Comparative anti-diabetic study of three phytochemicals on high- fat diet and streptozotocin-induced International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research 9 8 286-293. 2018 Scopus ISSN View
    15 Bimlendu Kumar Mishra, Dr. Monowar Alam Khalid and Dr. ShyamNarayan Lab Climate change effects on physico-chemical parameters for testing of water in Nepal. International Journal of Applied Research 9 2 12.144-153 2018 Scopus IB View
    16 Mohammad Usama and Monowar Alam Khalid Fertilizer consumption in India and need for its balanced use: A review Indian journal of Environmental Protection 38 7 564-577 2018 Scopus SJR View
    17 Rajneesh Kumar Gautam, Islamuddin , NK More & Mohammad Usama Manual Scavenging In India- A Review International Journal of Novel Research and Development (IJNRD) 2 4 129-131 2017 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care Google Scholar View
    18 Mohd Kashif Khan and Monowar Alam Khalid Treatment of Sugar Mill Effluent by Biocontrol Agents (Trichoderma harzianum and Pseudomonas fluores Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 9(10) 10 117-124 2017 Scopus SJR View
    19 Rajneesh K. Gautam1, Islamuddin2, Nandkishor More3, Saumya Verma4, Spriha Pandey5, Neha Mumtaz6, Rajesh Kumar7 and Md. Usama8 Sewage Generation and Treatment Status for the City of Delhi, its Past, Present and Future Scenario- International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET) 926-933 5 5 2017 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care Scientific Journal Impact Factor View
    20 MJA Siddiqui, Amina Jafri and Rahila Rahman Khan Role of Environment in Development of Cancer Journal of Innovations in Pharmaceuticals and Biological Sciences 3 2 45-53 2016 Ugc Care List International Scientific Indexing Impact Factor View
    21 Mr Mohammad Usama, Monowar Alam Khalid & Sumit Raizada Identification & Selection of Suitable Vermicomposting Species based on Chemical Analysis of Vermico International Journal of Latest Trends in Engineering and Technology 7 3 435-439 2016 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care Cosmos Impact Factor View
    22 Mohammad Usama & MJA Siddiqui Organic Farming–An Approach to Sustainable Development International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering and Technology 3 2 119-121 2016 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care NAAS View
    23 Mohammad Usama Management of Floods in Flood Prone Regions of Eastern Uttar Pradesh International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering and Technology 51 17 202-204 2015 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care NAAS View
    24 Mr Mohammad Usama Biodiversity & species at Risk from Climate change International Journal of Engineering & Management Research 5 4 162-167 2015 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care Index Copernicus View
    25 Rahila Rahman Khan, MJA Siddiqui Review on Effects of Particulate; Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide on Human Health International Research Journal of Environmental Sciences 3 4 70-73 2014 Ugc Care List Global Impact Factor View
    26 Amina Jafri , M.J.A. Siddiqui & Asif Jafri Current Status of Bio-Medical Waste Management in Hospitals of Lucknow City Asian Resonance 3 1 221-225 2014 Ugc Care List Scientific Journal Impact Factor View
    27 Qurratul, Sumira Jan, Riyazzuddin Khan, Mahmooduzzafar, T.O. Siddiqui Soil amendments of fly ash: Effects on function and biochemical activity of Carthamus tinctorious L. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 61 1-4 12-24. 2014 Scopus 1.147 SCI View
    28 5. Pravej Alam, Kamaluddin M , Mather Ali Khan , Anis Mohammad, Riyazudeen Khan & Malik Zainul Abdin. Enhanced artemisinin accumulation and metabolic profiling of transgenic Artemisia annua L. plants ov Journal of Plant Interaction 9 1 655-665. 2014 Scopus SJR View
    29 Alam P, Mohammad A, Ahmad MM, Khan MA, Nadeem M, Khan R, Akmal M, Ahlawat S, Abdin MZ. Efficient Method for Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation of Artemisia annua L. Recent Patents on Biotechnology 8 1 102-107 2014 Scopus ------- View
    30 Mohammad Usama & M.J.A. Siddiqui Strategies Adopted for promoting Research on Sustainable Development in Higher Educational Instituti University News (ISSN-0566-2257) 51 17 202-204 2013 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care Association of Indian Universities View
    31 Amina Jafri & M.J.A. Siddiqui A Review on Impact And Management of Bio medical Waste Periodic Research 2 1 110-114 2013 Ugc Care List SJIF View
    32 Riyazuddeen Khan, Ruchi Srivastava, M. Z. Abdin, Nikhat Manzoor, Mahmooduzzafar Effect of Soil Contamination with Heavy Metals on Soybean Seed Oil Quality European Food Research Technology.: 236 - 707-714. 2013 Scopus 2.36 View
    33 Rahila Rahman Khan, MJA Siddiqui Estimation of Air Pollution: A Case Study of Kanpur City in India. Asian Resonance 2 1 66-67 2013 Ugc Care List SJIF View
    34 Rupali Dixit Rahila Rahman Khan To Determine the available Nitrogen Content of Soil of Kanpur City in India. Research Times 2 2 146-148 2012 Ugc Care List SJIF View
    35 Riyazuddeen Khan, R. Srivastava, M. A. Khan, P. Alam, M. Z. Abdin Mahmooduzzafar Variation in oil content and fatty acid composition of the seed oil of Acacia species collected from Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 92 11 2310–2315. 2012 Scopus SCI View
    36 R. Srivastava, Riyazuddeen Khan, N.Manzoor Mahmooduzzafar Cadmium treatment alters diadzene production in Glycine max (L.) Seedling International Journal of Botany 7 4 305-309 2011 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care ----- View
    37 R. Srivastava, Riyazuddeen Khan, N.Manzoor Mahmooduzzafar Responses of cadmium exposures on growth, physio-biochemical characteristics and the antioxidative d Journal of Phytology 3 10 20-25 2011 Scopus NAAS View
    38 P.C.Abhilash, shubhi srivastava, Pankaj srivastava, Bindu Singh, Amina Jafri Influence of rhizospheric microbial inoculation and tolerant plant species on the rhizoremediation o Environmental and Experimental Botany 74 0098-8472 127 to 130 2011 Scopus SNIP-1.494 View
    39 Mohammad Usama & Amit Pal Intellectual property Rights and Biopiracy Environews Newsletter 12 4 7-9 2006 Not Index In Scopus / UGC Care Official Newsletter of International Society of Environmental Botanist View
  • Book Chapter

    Sr No Name of Authors Choose appropriate option Title of Book ISBN Number Publisher Name Year of Publication
    1 M.A. Khalid, P. K. Bharti, Alka Chauhan Book Published Agriculture Production and Climate Change 9789386841544 Discovery Publishing House 2018
    2 Jose G.V. Hernandez, M.A. Khalid and P. K. Bharti Book Published Environmental Economics and Sustainability 9789386841377 Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi 2018
    3 Khalid, M. A. and Shahid S. M. A. Book Chapter Published Environmental Pollution and Climate Change Impacts on Human Health with Particular Reference to Brai 978-1-4987-5767-6 CRC Press /Taylor & Francis 2017
    4 Shahla Rahman Khan and Rahila Rahman Khan Book Chapter Published Ground Water Contamination: A Risk on Human Health 978-93-86 088-15-4 ABS Books,New Delhi, India 2017
    5 Rahila Rahman Khan and Shahla Rahman Khan Book Chapter Published Detrimental Effects associated with consumption of tobacco through smoking 978-93-86 088-15-4 ABS Books,New Delhi, India 2017
    6 Rahila Rahman Khan, Shahla Rahman Khan and Amina Jafri Book Chapter Published Protecting Renewable Natural Resources- A Step towards Sustainable Development 978-81-84 35-485-0 Adhyayan Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi, India 2017
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