Research And Development

Sr No Enrollment Names Mode Research Toic Supervisor Year Of Joinning Status Co-Supervisor
1 1901128 Anil Kumar Jha Part Time 2019 Course Work Pursuing
2 1901143 Prabha Chitrakar Manandhar Part Time 2019 Course Work Pursuing
3 1901150 Zeba Sadia Part Time 2019 Course Work Pursuing
4 1601055 Bimlendu Kumar Mishra Part Time Impact Assessment of water Temperature on populations of major economically important fishes of Nepal Prof. M.A. Khalid 2017 Pursuing
5 1701014 Gurpreet Singh Part Time Comparative Study on Physicochemical parameters and vegetation composition in relation to avifaunal diversity of selected wetland in Haryana Prof. M.A. Khalid 2017 Pursuing
6 1701015 Arunima Singh Part Time Conservation Strategies for endangered Hardella thurjii (1831)in the sarju river of Uttar Pradesh, India Prof. M.A. Khalid 2017 Pursuing Dr. Shailendra Singh
7 1701016 Ritu Garg Part Time Critical Analysis of Sustainable zero liquid discharge system in Kanpur Dehat and Unnao leather cluster. Prof. M.A. Khalid 2017 Pursuing
8 1701017 Anshuman Tiwari Part Time Comparative Assessment of different technologies adopted to achieve zero liquid discharge in Distilleries Prof. M.A. Khalid 2017 Pursuing
9 1701020 Alka Kushwaha Full Time Variation in Carbon Sequestration Among commercial Mango Cultivators under North Indian Climatic Conditions Dr. Rahila Rahman Khan 2017 Pursuing Dr. Ashok Kumar
10 1701154 Nafish Ahmad Full Time Application of Abiotic stress to assess Artemisinin production in Artemisia annua L. plant. Dr. Riyazuddeen Khan 2017 Pursuing Prof. Iffat Zareen
11 13124 Bindu Singh Part Time Trichoderma spp. Mediated Bioremediation against Malathion in selected plants Prof. M.A. Khalid 2014 Pursuing Dr.V.K. Singh
Sr No Enrollment Registration Year Of Joinning Research Toic Supervisor Co-Supervisor Year of Awarded File Url
1 13125 Chetna Mishra 2014 Anti-lipotoxic effect of photochemicals in high fat diet Streptozotocin induced diabetic dyslipidemic rats Prof. M.A. Khalid Dr. A.A. Mahdi 2019 View
2 1401038 Mohd Kashif Khan 2014 Biremediation of surarcane mollasses based industry effluent Prof. M.A. Khalid 2018 View
3 10087 Rahila Rahman Khan 2010 Impact of Particulate Matter on The Health of Human Population of Kanpur City. Dr. M.J.A.Siddiqui Dr. Ananditta Das 2016 View
4 10068 Amina Jafri 2010 Characterization and Impact of Biomedical Waste BMW and Management Strategies at Lucknow city Dr. M.J.A.Siddiqui Dr. Snober Mir 2016 View
5 2006 Vipin bihari 2006 Environmental Exposure to Biomass Fuels-Associated HealthHazards among Rural Women And Prevetive Measures S.M.Iqbal Dr. L.P.Srivastava 2014 View
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