Departmental Achievements

  • Placement / Higher Education

    Sr No Name Program Session Progression Remark Placement Type
    1 Navshad Alam Doctor of Philosophy in Physics 2019-20 Placement/Higher Education Assistant Professor at BNCET, Lucknow
  • Civil Services/GATE /NET/SLET/GRE of Students/ Alumni

    Sr No Name Program Year of Graducation Selection Details
    1 Aditya Kumar Jigyasu Doctor of Philosophy in Physics 2017-18 Award INSPIRE-JRF
    2 Sumbul Firdaus Doctor of Philosophy in Physics 2016-17 Award UGC-MANF
Sr No Session Name Award/ Recognition/Selection Name of Award/ Recognition/Selection Details View
1 2016-17 Dr. Mohd. Asim Siddiqui Award Name of Award UP-CST project entitled "Synthesis And Characterization of Pure And Doped CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTU) For Microelectronic Applications" View