Faculty Members

(A great team of professional teachers and speakers)

Email : headbiong@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Biotechnology, Nanobiotechnology, Agriculture biotechnology, Cancer Biology and Chemoinformatics
Subject Taught : Nanobiotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering, Fermentation Technology

Email : iffat@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Plant and Algal Biotechnology,Herbal Medicines, phytochemistry and pharmacology
Subject Taught : Plant Physiology, Plant & Animal Biotechnology, Biophysical techniques.

Email : smir@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Translational Cancer Biology
Subject Taught : Cell & Molecular Biology, Animal Biotechnology, Immunotechnology

Email : alvina@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Cyanobacterial Biotechnology Stress physiology and Biochemistry
Subject Taught : Bioprocess Engg, Microbial genetics and Engineering, Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Email : sakhtar@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Cancer Bioinformatics and Simulation of Cancer Pathways
Subject Taught : Bioinformatics and Biophysical Techniques, Algorithms in Molecular Biology

Email : mkakhan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : PAH-induced Cancer Informatics, Tuberculosis Informatics, and In Silico Vaccine Designing
Subject Taught : Bioinformatics, Biomolecular Modeling and Simulation, Genomics, Proteomics and Computational Drug Design

Email : aisha@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Plant Biotechnology, Germination Biochemistry, Stress Physiology
Subject Taught : Plant Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Enzymology, IPR and Bioethics

Email : adnan@iul.ac.in

Email : roohi@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Biochemistry and Enzymology, Molecular Biotechnology
Subject Taught : Genetics, Animal Physiology, Clinical Biochemistry, cell biology, Biomolecules.

Email : haneef@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Microbiology, Bioinformatics & Cancerbiology
Subject Taught : Microbiology, Enzymology , Food Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

Email : faizkhan@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Heat & Mass Transfer operations, Bioprocess Engineering and Plant Biotechnology
Subject Taught : Heat & Mass Transfer Operations, Bioprocess Engineering, Plant Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology

Email : osama@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Bioprocess Engineering, Fermentation Technology, Bioreactor Design And Analysis
Subject Taught : Fermentation Technology, Enzyme Engineering

Email : soban@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Bioprocess technology, Enzyme technology, Process development
Subject Taught : Bioprocess Engineering, Enzyme Engineering

Email : kyounis@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Food Technology
Subject Taught : Food Chemistry, Cereals and Pulses Technology

Email : poonams@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Fruits-Vegetables Processing, Preservation, Nutrition & Health
Subject Taught : Food Additives, Hygiene-Food Safety, Nutrition-Health, Bakery Technology

Email : ashish@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Bioremediation, Fermentation Technology, Industrial Biotechnology
Subject Taught : Plant Molecular Biology, Engineering Properties of Biological Materials and food quality.

Email : avimal@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Drug Designing and Discovery
Subject Taught : Nanobiotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Introduction to Bioengineering, Downstream Processing

Email : reenav@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Downstream Processing, Biochemistry
Subject Taught : Biochemistry, Biochemical Analysis and Techniques, Enzymology

Email : owaisy@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Agro waste Valorization, Novel Extraction Techniques, Minimal Processing of Food Products and Hurdle Technology
Subject Taught : Food Plant Layout, Food and Nutrition, Food Biotechnology, Unit Operations in Food Processing, Engineering Properties of Food Products

Email : punitsingh@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Medical imaging(MRI,FMRI),Cognitive processing, computational Neuroscience, Finite elements testing
Subject Taught : Bioinstrumentation , Medical image processing , Biomechanics, Biomaterials

Email : rsingh@iul.ac.in
Area of Expertise : Agro waste utilization, extraction techniques
Subject Taught : Milk and Milk product technology, Food packaging, Food Additives