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Human Resource Development Center, Integral University successfully organized Special Session on “Health Issues in Ramzan and its Management” on 19th May 2018.

The Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), Integral University organized a special session on health issues for the holy month of Ramazan. Prof. Kauser Usman, Department of Medicine, KGMU, Lucknow and Dr. Khwaja Tariq Hasan, Naturopathy Expert talked about the Health Issues in Ramzan. Prof. Syed Aqeel Ahmad, Director, HRDC and Dr. Nitin Ranjan Gupta, IIMS&R coordinated the event successfully. Fasting, said the experts, was a physical and spiritual experience that requires a great deal of preparation.

The fasts can improve a person’s health, but – if the correct diet is not followed, it can possibly worsen it. The deciding factor is not the fast itself, but rather what is consumed in the non-fasting hours. The diet should be simple and not differ too much from one’s normal everyday diet. It should contain foods from all the major food groups. He advised not to fast if the diabetic is 300+ mg/dl because it increases the possibility of cardiac diseases. He also drew attention that the holy Quran exempts the sick people from fasting. If such people fast, they harm the body. Dr. Usman said that the best solutions to insulin problems are different exercises. Dr. Khwaja Tariq Hasan, Naturopathy Expert while talking in detail about precautions to be taken during fasts, said that in general, the diet must be balanced and there should not be over eating at the time of breaking of fast. For naturopathy, he talked about mental, physical and spiritual fitness; he explained Asana, Parayana and Meditation. Dr. Hasan strictly emphasized on cleanliness, exercise, diet and 3R (Rest, Relaxation and Recreation). He said that body, mind and soul are Yog. The session ended with a healthy question and answer session.

Special Lecture by Prof. S. C. Sharma, Director, International Business School (IBS) Gurgaon on 15th Aug 2017

The new GST will be levied only at the final destination of consumption based on VAT principle. He also predicted some side effects as some economist say that GST in India would impact negatively on the real estate market etc. On the occasion, Faculty, students and PhD Scholars of the University were invited to attend the lecture.

A Guest Lecture on on 15th - 11th Aug 2016.

Dr. Sagina Ram , Director (Geophysics) Geological Survey of India.

Expert Lecture by Dr. D. N. Rao, AIIMS, New Delhi on 15th - 12th May 2016.

An expert lecture on Diagnosis of Dengue and vaccine development Dr. D. N. Rao, AIIMS, New Delhi has been organized by Department of Bio Sciences under the aegis of Academic Staff College, Integral University on 12th May 2016 (Thursday) at 03:00 pm in the Hall-1, Main Auditorium Building.

Expert Lecture by Dr. B.S. Balaji, Associate Professor, School of Biotechnology, Jawaher Lal Nehru University, New Delhi on 12th Jan 2016.

The Dr. B.S. Balaji has delivered his lecture concentration isuues of origin of life, fundamentals of chemistry.

Expert lecture by Prof. S. Chakraborty on 10th Oct 2015.

Prof. S. Chakraborty has given the insight about the Research Process. He has described in detail about how a good research can be conducted and explained various stages to conduct it.

A presentation by Dr. Khalid Khan, a Chartered Engineer in UK working as System and Control Specialist with Rolls-Royce, Birmingham on 05th Aug 2015.