Dean, Students' Welfare

List of Members of Cultural Committee

DepartmentNameOfficial EmailContactNameClassContactCommittee
Architecture Ar. Madvendra P Singh 9453539062 Mahima Pandey Senior 8687808396 CULTURAL
Electrical Engg. / Elec. & Elec Engg. Ms Fatima Yasmeen 9369032993 Syed Mohd Anas Senior (EE) 9554787094 CULTURAL
Electronics & Comm. Engg. Ms. Saima Beg 9415069765 Rahul Mishra Senior 8090075922 CULTURAL
IIAST Mr. Nadeem Khan - 8574525777 Piyush Srivastava Senior 8564851321 CULTURAL
IIMSR Dr. Rubeena Bano - 9559292258 Mr. Aditya Prasad Senior 9792135227 CULTURAL
Languages - - - - - - CULTURAL
Mathematics Dr. Najmuddin Ahmad 9307413826 Amina Jawaid M.Sc.(Math) 1st Yr 8546073787 CULTURAL
Mechanical Engg. Mr. Mohd. Shadab Khan 9335209764 Md. Abuzar Khan Senior 8953227958 CULTURAL
Physics Dr. Seema Srivastava 9839086806 Sarita Yadav Senior 8795126954 CULTURAL
Pharmacy Mr. Anup Kumar Sirbaiya 9451012573 Anupam Maurya B Pharm 3rd Yr 7897489843 CULTURAL
University Polytechnic Mr. Munaim Akhtar 9118731970 Junaid Ahmad Senior 9838697676 CULTURAL
Business Administration Ms. Uzmi Anjum 7839302646 Uzma Khan Senior 7860035455 CULTURAL
Bio-Sciences Dr. Rolee Sharma 9336576545 Abhishek Yadav Senior 8957058438 CULTURAL
Bio-Engineering Dr. Snober Mir 9198990380 Afreen Fatima Senior 8957721024 CULTURAL
Chemistry Dr. Naseema 8726542740 Richa Pandey M.Sc. (IC) 1st Yr. 8382014601 CULTURAL
Civil Engineering Mr. Shumank Srivastava 7376020925 Shoaib Zaman Senior 7388878143 CULTURAL
Computer Sc. & Engg. Ms. Sheeba Parveen 8565920483 Malvika Srivastava Senior 9559708411 CULTURAL
Computer Applications Mr. Anwar Bari 9897114874 Tamseel Ahmad Siddiqui Senior 9838799937 CULTURAL
Education Dr. Zeba Aqil 9415197220 Nishtha Chandra Senior 9452536101 CULTURAL
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